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Project Details

Client project | 3 weeks | Group (5 people)


  • Product Development Plan

  • User Journey Mapping 

  • Lo & High fidelity wireframes

  • UX Language 

  • Design Look & Feel

  • UX Style Guide

  • Content Inventory


  • Sketch

  • Craft

  • Invision

  • Invision DSM

  • GitHub



I joined the team in 2018. Their initial plan was to develop a platform that made analyzing analytics across channels easier for ad operations professionals.


One of the biggest challenges online advertisers face is accessing the most important or critical insights quickly in order to best understand how to make optimizations across multiple ads or ad sets within a campaign. Through platform immersion, research and user interviews, we found that this was due to gaps in how various channels integrate with analytics tools, differences in language across each, and general user knowledge.  

We first focused on top level insights that the user could access from a dashboard view. We did this by focusing on the information above the fold in order to highlight what users identified as the most pertinent and useful insights. Understanding how the user interacted with tools currently available, and determining what users are currently comfortable with was very important in the process. We wanted to ensure we designed a tool that was different, but still intuitive to the user.  


Our next area of focus was the listing process and reducing the number of steps to gain the most useful information about an ads performance. We worked successfully together as a team using an iterative approach. The final presentation gained positive feedback and HomeRenter were incredibly happy with our efforts and professionalism towards the work. They have informed us that they have began to implement some changes already, which will go live later in 2019.
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