art curriculum vitae

Professional ​
Feb 2021 - Current
Arts & Music, Writer & Researcher
Olu & Company

June - August 2018

Topical Cream Magazine Advisory Board, New York, NY

Nov 2018 Leap Year Residency, Jury Member, Mint Gallery, Atlanta,GA

April 2016 - June 2018
Program & Art Director, Murmur Media, Atlanta, GA

Nov 2012 - April 2015
Director of Communications National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta, GA
Exhibitions & Residencies​
Aug 2020 MOMUS, OCAD Critical Arts Writing Residency
Dec 2019 Resident, The Hambidge Center for the Creative
Arts & Sciences, Rapbun, GA

Nov 2018 Creative Writing Residency, Berlin Reader, Berlin, Germany

Sept 2016 Her, Special Exhibition: Elevate Atlanta, curated by Tash Nikol featuring works by Brandon English, Freako, Biyunka, and Tash Nikol, Atlanta, GA

Artistic Direction
Jan 2018 - March 2018 DIVE, Elise Williams, Murmur, Atlanta, GA

April 2017 - Aug 2017 How Nice, Barry Lee, Murmur, Atlanta, GA

June 2017 Tell Me You Love Me, Grace Allison Perkins, Atlanta, GA

March 2017 History of Picture Newspaper Exhibition; an anonymous queer newspaper originally conceived in New York City by Peter Hujar and Steve Lawrence curated by Mo Costello + Marcelo Yañez

March 2017 Assembly Required: Building Space for Women in Print exhibition, 
SGCI Conference, Various Artists, Atlanta, GA

May 2017 A Pack of Smokes, Jaymerson Payton & Trey Rozell, MurmurAtlanta, GA

October 2016 A show of Portraits by Gerald Lovell and Jurell Cayetano


Sept 2017 Atlanta Zine Fest, Atlanta, GA

Dec 2016 & Dec 2017 Printed Matter Atlanta, Murmur Media 

June - Nov 2017 Cine Murmur Film Programming, Atlanta, GA
Nov 2016 Murmur Media Facing Race Exhibition, 
Facing Race Conference, Atlanta, GA

June 2016 Precarious Bodies, Elevate Atlanta, GA

Northeastern University,MPA
University of Georgia, Journalism