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MHz Curationist Launch

Project Details

In-house project | 15 weeks | Team: Product + ENG + Internal team


  • Page Table Content

  • Content & Copy Design

  • Voice and Tone (tagline & mission)

  • User Testing 

  • UX Language

  • UX Manuel of Style

Tools + Software + Certificates

  • Figma

  • Figjam

  • Notion

  • Acquired - Future London Academy Certificate in Brand Language



The MHz Foundation launched Curationist, a large free open source archive of over 4.4 million images of digital artifacts and artworks from renowned museums around the world. The web and mobile based platform allows users to search, use, create collections, and add metadeta to images available through its digital commons. 

As the Content Lead for the project, I lead the strategy and execution of the platforms content and UX language. I additional developed the orgainzations tagline - REIMAGINE CULTURE

User Research


The user personas provided by the Head of Product were the basis for my understanding of Curationist's audience - their personality, their needs and expectations, their struggles and probable use cases for our app. 

To further understand our users’ language and context, I ran an informal research focused on terminology and acceptance criteria.

I paired this info with my own analysis of the competition and complementary products, and clarified the problems Curationist should solve and how it should engage with its users.

Product Voice


The attributes for Curationist's voice became clear after initial research and once our team ran a 1-day workshop to identify our core values, mission and personality. During a professional development session with Future London Academy, I developed the line "Reimagine culture" which was used as the overall brand tagline.

Curationist is: 



  • Engages curious minds

  • Supports new ideas

  • Connects art & culture communities

  • Highlights expansive worldviews


  • Open educational resources (OER)

  • Welcomes all types of learners


  • Search open access art & objects

  • Users curate their own collections

  • Share cultural narratives

In platform content 


After several iterations and informal testing with my team members and stakeholders, I worked with the designer to add the UI copy to the platforms designs.

I planned another testing session and created an interactive prototype, to make it easier for our users to go through the Curationist experience.

Created with Figma Prototyping.​

My input

  • Collaborated with product designers and developers to understand product features and user flows

  • Developed copy for all points of interaction - feature titles, buttons, searchbars, contact and feedback experience, section titles and descriptions


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