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Writer | Book Artist| Curator | Healer

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I move in that way. Steady and grounded rooted in what's within me — what was passed on to me. And as waves, the ebb and flow of my mind thrives in history and mystery. The mystery of what could be, new ways of thinking, the spirit of growth and creation.

This site is an experimentation. There is no precision or system of design in place to inform the pattern and or placement of elements. It merely evolves through thought, intuition and felt expression.


Me: I'm a precise mix of earth and water.


I am a writer & printmaker, arts administrator, user experience designer and curator. Currently living between Munsee Lenape (Brooklyn), and Muscogee Creek (Atlanta) territory. I'm from Black-Choctaw-Houma ancestry and work to further explore the history of Black Indigenous ancestry in poetic language and healing, while making links to new futures and emergent technologies.
On this site, I have compiled a bit of my poetry, writings, visual and new media work via commissions, full time work, personal projects and collaborations.

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